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This Week: Monday 30th March - Weds 1st Apr

smileyGood Morning Year 2!smiley

I hope that you are all well and enjoying your Home Learning!  It is very strange not being able to see you all each day and I am sure that you are missing school just like I am. Thank you so much for my lovely emails and photos, I really do love seeing them and it makes me feel so proud that you are all still learning at home.  

Lots of Love, Mrs Kelleher x



I hope that you are all keeping up your daily reading, it really is important to do this!  If you want to, I have attached a Reading Comprehension for you all to complete over the Easter Holidays.



Your task for the next 2-3 days is to write descriptive sentences for these wonderful 'Flying High' images'. I think that you could all manage at least 2/3 sentences for each image!  I have included a word-bank to support your ideas.  Can you remember how we always plan our long writing by writing words and phrases which help our brains to get ready for the writing? 

Challenge: Can you choose one of the images and turn it into an imaginary story.  Where do you go?  Who are the characters?  Is there an exciting problem?  How does your story end?  Don't forget your purple (coloured) editing pens!


Grammar - Verbs

How many verbs can you find in the text 'This Class are Yellow'?  

Challenge - How many verbs are in the past tense? (There are at least 3 which end in _ed.)



There are no new Spellings for this week - instead, when you are writing your sentences, ask an adult to pick 1 or 2 misspelt words and use either a dictionary/adult to correct them. Can you write a mnemonic to help you remember? (said = silly ants in dresses)!



Maths Games and Investigations

For these 3 days, I would like you to have a go at playing / solving some of these Maths games and problems.  They are a great way of applying your Maths learning and they really help your brain to be active.  There is no need to record any of this but if you want to, then that's fine too!

Note to Grown-ups: I got these from - there are lots of really great games on there that you might like to try over the holidays (notice age range 5-7).  Have fun!


Pepper and Soap Experiment

Some of you might remember that we tried this in class (with some success!).  Can you have a go at home - imagine that the tiny bits of pepper are the germs!  You could write up what you OBSERVED and draw 2 pictures - before and after.

Pepper and Soap Write up

Physical Activity

I'm sure that Joe has been keeping some of you active and a little out of breath at times! If you fancy something different, then you could have a go at some Cosmic Yoga.  I've put a link below to the Moana sequence but there are many different ones available.

Moana | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Topic - History 

Can you make a poster showing some of the things which you have learnt about Transport in the Past compared with Today?  Remember how we learnt about how people used to travel on horses, by boat and by walking.


1. Could you design a new flying machine which has a secret power? Will it have wings or propellers?

2. You could even make your own parachute (see youtube video below). Please DO NOT STAND UP HIGH TO DROP IT, INSTEAD, THROW IT UP INTO THE AIR. Be safe! x

How to make a Parachute

RE / Easter

Can you make your own Easter basket?  You could print off the template below or draw your own one.  Notice the link to 3D shapes (faces, edges, vertices!).

Easter Basket


  • Think of what I say to you all on a Friday at 3.15 - "Be Safe, Be Good, Be Happy!"  That is what I want you all to remember this week.  You could design a cheerful poster illustrating these 3 things.  heart
  • Here is a story about the coronavirus:


Computing / Coding

Can you use the JIT Coding platform to write your own instructions for moving an object forwards, backwards and sideways?  How can you make sure that the character lands exactly where you want it to go?


Can you remember lots of the new transport words?


  • You could make a little poster or a video sharing what you can remember with your family.


  • Watch these videos below to remind yourself of the key words we have been learning...

Los transportes

Los medios de transporte

There are other clips and activities you can explore in the "Spanish" folder on your Year 2 class page.
Picture 1