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History and Geography

William Shakespeare wrote his plays over 400 years ago where England was a very different place than it is today. Written words were evolving and changing rapidly in England during this time and the English language was shifting from Middle English to Early Modern English.


Shakespeare invented hundreds of words and phrases that we still use today, which is why he is often referred to as the greatest writer in the English language. 


Watch the Horrible Histories videos below to explore just some of these phrases that he coined, match up the sayings with their modern meanings then complete the game to decide whether a word was invented by Shakespeare (Shakespeare) or not (Fakespeare)? Finally, you can use the bank of some of William Shakespeare's favourite words - either invented by him or commonly used by him - to create your own Shakespearean insult!


NOTE: Insulting people is not something I would encourage as it is unkind. However, insults were a regular feature in Shakespeare's plays and some were quite witty. So, the insults you create are intended to be for fun, rather than used to upset others, which I already know you lovelies would not do.

Horrible Histories - Historical Mastermind | William Shakespeare