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English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Spelling Focus: words ending in 'cial'

Challenge: Write down as many words that you can think of that end in 'cial'. I wonder if you can PREDICT our spellings for the week before looking at the powerpoint.


Work through the powerpoint, but don't worry about creating sentences in the subjunctive voice. We will learn more about this next term!


Practise your spellings with the documents below.

LO: I can use colons to introduce an explanation or a 'reveal'.

Yesterday, we learnt how we can use colons to introduce lists in our writing. Today, I would like you to watch this short video clip which explores how a COLON can be used to introduce an explanation or a 'reveal'. 

We did explore this learning in class last year; however, I still see many missed opportunities in your writing, so it's important to touch on this again.