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English Comprehension

Please note that I have added an additional video to yesterday's PSHE as many of you said you could not do it because of the snow!

This week's comprehension is a little different. We are continuing with the week's theme of Birds. I have attached 4 different comprehension activities below. Each activity is focusing on different 'VIPERS' skills which we have talked about a lot this term. Have a look at the video from two weeks ago if you need a reminder. Please pick at least one of these activities to try. (activity 1 and 2 are quite short) Maybe, consider the skills that  you need to practice and try an activity that involves that particular skill. You can do as many of the activities as you would like/have time to do this week.

Be aware activity 4 is the most difficult, I would hope some of you will have a go at this one!