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  This week please read 15 minutes a day, if you can. There are some links below to some audiobooks you can listen to if you would like. I will continue to upload recordings of Tom’s Midnight Garden. There is a video below of the Paralympian Ade Adepitan explaining why he loves Tom’s Midnight Garden.

Tom's Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce | BBC Teach

Paralympic Basketball player and sports presenter Ade Adepitan reads extracts from 'Tom's Midnight Garden' by Philippa Pearce, explaining why he loves the bo...


  Christians believe that Jesus died for them to save them. They sometimes call him a superhero. There is a video below of the Easter story and a song that some Christians sing about Jesus being a superhero.

   This week write your own story about a superhero saving people. This can be a superhero you have heard of or you could make up your own. Try to include speech marks and a subordinate clause in your story. There are videos and website links about these below.

Hillsong Kids Jesus Youre My) Superhero

Animated The Easter Story

I pieced together the four videos so they could be shared in one clip. Thanks to

What is a subordinate clause? | Oxford Owl

Learn the difference between a clause, a subordinate clause and a relative clause. Perfect to help with grammar homework and to prepare for the Key Stage 2 S...

The Subordinate Clause Song (Subordinating Conjunctions)

A lyrics video for Anchor Creative Education's Rock 'N' Roll song all about subordinate clause and those pesky subordinating conjunctions! A perfect resource...

Main and Subordinate Clause Song

Anchor Creative Education specialise in leading creative literacy sessions in primary schools across the UK. Anchor use a variety of drama activities, games ...