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This week, I would like you to read the retelling of the final act of Romeo and Juliet.

Activity 1: Now we have come to the end of the play. I would like you to create a 'debate table' this week thinking of the arguments for and against either of the key questions below. (You could even record your own debate!)


  • Were Romeo and Juliet good role models?
  • Are Romeo and Juliet's parents responsible for their deaths?


Think back to the debates we have hosted this year. What evidence can you use to support your arguments? Why? How can you support your point?


Watch the debate videos below hosted by Michael Rosen to help support your ideas.


Check out our History and Geography page for the rest of the English based activities exploring Shakespeare's use of language.



Miss Constantine's group


This week, we are going to look at adverbs of frequency and possibility which are good cohesive tools to use in our writing. Think about what each word means and complete the activities in the PP. There are a couple of games available for you to enjoy this week too.


There will be no more spelling Kahoot tests. Please complete the test on spelling frame instead.

Mrs Nock and Mrs Castle's groups


Practise your homophones and near homophones this week with these cool spelling frame games. You could use these words to practise your handwriting also.


Extension Activity 1


Perhaps you might like to try an activity from the web below.

Extension Activity 2


Mrs Kirkbride has found another amazing competition to enter.


'500 words' have decided to launch a Black Lives Matter themed writing competition. Explore the resources on the 'Class Pages' home page with your parents and start to think about what you could write about. We will explore this topic further in Week 7.