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I must, once again, stress that reading is the single biggest indicator of future success. Please try to read at least 20 minutes of your own reading book every day, whether this is to yourself, your parents/guardians, your dog/cat/fish etc. We will start reading our class text, Anglo Saxon Boy, all together after the holidays so that we can do remote guided reading and imagine we're all reading together at the same time!cheeky


Reading comprehension activity - An Easter comprehension activity has been attached so you can link last week's RE learning with your reading comprehension.

Please select the level that you feel is appropriate to you: 


One star (pg. 1 - 4) - the same as our Lemon and Herb

Two stars (pg. 5 - 10) - the same as our Medium

Three stars (11 - 16) - the same as our Extra Hot

Please DO NOT print this whole document. You only need the section of the difficulty level your child wishes to attempt.



Miss Constantine's spelling group: This week's spellings are listed on the final slide of the PowerPoint below. Please work through the slides, thinking about the sounds/letter strings/spelling rules and the meanings of each word. Your weekly test will be going ahead as usual on Kahoot.


Challenge PIN: 0162237

Challenge expires Wednesday 15th April.


Mrs Nock and Mrs Castle's groups: Click the Write Words link below.

Writing, Punctuation and Grammar


End of term...I think it must be time for a piece of free writing. You can write on which ever topic you would like, for any purpose you would like.


Some examples:

  • Write a story (could be a fantasy about unicorns in another dimension or a crime mystery, like Sherlock Holmes attempting to catch the criminal)
  • Write a diary entry about your day
  • Write a recount of your first week of home learning
  • Write a song or rap about your dreams for the summer
  • Write a review of a movie you've watched recently
  • Write a letter to someone who you are unable to see at the moment
  • Write a poem about your favourite things
  • Write a description about the beautiful, spring day you see outside your window

You are free! Write about whatever you would like, something that makes you happy, or makes you think and reflect.


Please share your pieces of writing with me. It would be lovely to get them onto our gallery to see what you have all been up to.


Also, we did lots of work in class recapping different word classes in the last few weeks and we all tried that tricky Kahoot where we had to put the word class in the correct order. Please check out the BBC Bitesize link below to remind yourselves and refresh your Year 4 SPaG learning so far, then try this Year 4 SPaG quiz.


Challenge PIN: 0851852

Challenge expires Saturday 11th April.