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  This week I have begun another Shakespeare play, adapted by Andrew Matthews and Tony Ross. This one is a comedy called ‘Much Ado about Nothing’. In this play there are two people who fall in love at first sight and another couple who seem to hate each other when they first meet.

  I have read the first half of the book this week and will read the next half for you next week.

Much ado about nothing.mp3

Activity 1: Have a read of the persuasive pieces of writing below. One is written as ‘top tips from an advertising expert’ and the other is written from a person called Fido asking his neighbours to rename their dog (also called Fido!)

  Have a read of each piece of writing (they are only short) and answer the questions about each piece of writing. There are some answers below the writing and questions, which you can use to help you check your work.


  Have a watch of this Cbeebies version of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and then complete the task below:

Activity 2:  

  Can you make a poster to persuade people to come and see it. Write a paragraph that could be on the poster or read by someone showing the poster to people. Try to persuade people to come and see this version of the play.

  Think about:

  Who might like this play and why they would like it?

  Use the AFOREST ideas in the PowerPoint below to help you persuade someone. (similar to the persuasive techniques you used in your letters and we used when writing our fantastic Norway booklets.


Activity 3: This week we are going to continue looking at our Year 3 and 4 spelling list. Have a look at the challenges below and use them to help you learn your spelling words.

  There is also a list of activities to help you learn the words for this week. These words are:







  There is a kahoot quiz for you to complete, the link is below and the pin is: 02595877

Extension 1: Have a try of the SPAG challenge mat that I have uploaded for you below.

Extension 2: Have a look at the link below. This link takes you to a live lesson by the BBC. This lesson celebrates the 500 word story competition, which has been taking place over the last 10 years. Take a look at the lesson and see if you can write a story in 500 words too!