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  This week I have recorded the final part of ‘Shakespeare’s Anthony and Cleopatra’ retold by Andrew Matthews and Tony Ross. This is one of the books that we have had in the classroom this year and one of many of Shakespeare’s plays.

  One of the characters mentioned in this part of the play is Caesar. This isn’t Julius Caesar but his adopted son Octavius/ Augustus Caesar.

Anthony and Cleopatra (

  Activity 1: This week I have allocated you two books on activelearn. These books are both scripts. Have a read of them and look at the bug questions as they come up. Also have a look and think about how the layout of these scripts are different to a normal story.

  The books are: ‘Step inside a story’ and ‘Wicked Baba Yaga’. The link below will take you to the Activelearn login page.



Activity 2:

  This week we are going to be script writers. Have a look at the PowerPoint below to find out more about how to write a script.

  This week choose a part of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and write a play script for that section. Have a look at the links below to listen to or read the story again. You can change the story or keep it the same, it’s up to you! 


  Activity 3: This week we will continue to look at our year 3 and 4 spelling list. I have uploaded another activity pack for you below to help you practice these words in a fun way! You can also use all of our previous ideas as well, like writing in different colours, writing in capitals and lowercase and drawing pictures or writing silly sentences. I have created a kahoot for you, the link is below and the pin is 09294149.

  This week your words are:






  Extension 1: Have a look at the link below. This link takes you to a competition which is taking place this week. From 6.30am Monday 29th June to 11.59pm Friday 3rd July you can enter a story that is no more than 500 words long. 

  This story is on the theme of Black Lives Matter, something you may have heard about in the news recently. 

  There is a link below to the website so you can find out more about the competition. I have also uploaded a google classroom library, which has lots of books you can listen to about racism and equality. There is also a PowerPoint about racism you can look at to help you understand the subject a little better.

  Extension 2: Have a look at the ‘Discuss’ picture below. What do you think? Do you believe in fairies and magic and why or why not?