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  This week and next week I will be reading a story adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Anthony and Cleopatra’ play, which takes part towards the end of the play ‘Julius Caesar’, which we learned about a few months ago, during our Shakespeare week. I have uploaded a picture of the front cover and the main characters in the play.

Anthony and Cleopatra.mp3

Anthony and Cleopatra, part 2

  Activity 1: Have a look at the different letters in the pictures below.

Can you answer the questions below?

Remember to look back at the letters as you answer the questions. You are going to be writing letters from the characters of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ this week so have a look at how the letters are written.


Activity 2:

  This week we are going to put ourselves into the shoes of one of the characters from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ to write a persuasive letter. You could write:

  • As Hermia to her father persuading him to let her marry Lysander.
  • As Hermia to Demetrius persuading him to let her marry Lysander.
  • As Lysander to Hermia’s father persuading him to let Lysander marry Hermia.
  • As Helena to Demetrius to persuade him to marry her.
  • As Demetrius to Hermia persuading her to marry him.
  • As Titania to Oberon persuading him to give up his claim to the boy.
  • As Oberon to Titania persuading her to give up the boy
  • As Puck to Titania and Oberon persuading them to stop fighting.

Have a look at the PowerPoint and the links below to remind yourself of our persuasive techniques and to learn how to write a letter.


Activity 3:

  This week we are continuing to look at our Year 3 and 4 spelling list. I have uploaded some activity mats for you below as well as some word searches. There is also a fish to colour in a section at a time when you are confident you know how to spell each word. Remember that this is a year 3 and 4 spelling list so don’t worry if you’re not confident spelling all of the words yet.

  I have also made a Kahoot for you to test yourself with. The link is below and the pin is 07275392. Remember all the other ways you have learned to practise your spelling as well.

  This week’s words are:






Extension 1: Mrs Calzada has found a fantastic competition for us to join in with. Here is a quote from the website to tell you more about it:

  ‘This is your opportunity to write about your experience. Until midnight on Friday the 17th of July, you can submit a piece of writing about what life has been like in lockdown and during the Coronavirus.

This could be a personal experience, a poem, or a creative story. All of you will have had a unique experience that is only yours, and only you can capture in words.

Your entry should be 700 words or under and you should submit in your age category.’

  This is what I set you for your extension 1 activity for the last 3 weeks so this is your last week that the link will be uploaded on our English page but you have until the 17th of July to complete it and send it in if you want to!

 The link to the website with all the information is below.

Extension 2:  Have a look at the picture and questions below. Can you use these questions to help you write a story or a poem?