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Activity 1 - This week, we are going to look at two different retellings of Act 1 of Romeo and Juliet (from the beginning to Romeo and Juliet's marriage). Click the links below to read the different versions - one adapted by Andrew Matthews and illustrated by Tony Ross and the other adapted by Anna Claybourne and illustrated by Jana Costa. I'd like you to read both versions and compare them - think about their similarities and differences.


You could create a table listing similarities and differences, or another way of your choosing. 


Things you could compare:

  • the language used by the author (Does one author use more descriptive language, adverbials etc. than the other?)
  • the sentence structure used by the author (Do the authors use lots of simple sentences, complex sentences etc?)
  • their style
  • the content: what actually happens (Do the texts include the exact same events in the same order?)
  • key information (Does one text give us extra information that the other does not include?)
  • the characters' descriptions
  •  the illustrations (Are they the same? Are their interpretations of the characters similar?)

Activity 2 - You have met our two main characters and know their stories well by this point. Now, I would like you to have a go at writing a two-paragraph description of one of them: Romeo OR Juliet.

       The first paragraph should describe what the character looks like. You are quite free to have your own artistic license on this one because Romeo and Juliet are always presented in very different ways. Just look at some of the pictures below which highlight how Romeo and Juliet look very different from one text to the next. Remember to use  adjectives, similes and metaphors to help you describe them and use ambitious vocabulary. Perhaps you could use adverbials to describe how they move and speak.

       The second paragraph should be about Romeo/Juliet's personality - how they act. In writing about their personalities, you could take the opportunity to describe their feelings in those Act 1 scenes - when they first meet, when they decide to get married etc. There are resources below to support with your learning.



Miss Constantine's group


This week, we are going to look at yet another prefix. This time is it 'ex-' You know by now the importance of understanding meaning and being able to use each word in context.


Spelling Kahoot

Challenge PIN: 04246583

Challenge expires Sunday 21st June.

Mrs Nock and Mrs Castle's group: Click the link below.


Please try to practise your handwriting too.