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This week, I would like you to read Marcia Williams' version of Romeo and Juliet. It is a really cool comic style retelling of the story that I think you will enjoy. It is easier to read than being completely written in the Elizabethan style, however, it still uses some challenging words to stretch your abilities. The two reading, writing and SPaG activities both relate to this text. The comprehension activity is split into two different sections - 2B (retrieve and record) and 2D (explain and justify inferences). I would like everyone to complete 2B and then attempt 2D - if you find this a little tricky, give it your best shot and then try a different activity instead.

The text uses some rich vocabulary that sometimes we have to delve a little deeper to understand.


Activity 2 - I would like you to make your own flashcards that explore the etymology of those 'tricky words' in more depth. Have a look at the examples below and then pick a word/s from the text that you feel is advanced.


Your flashcards should contain the following:

  • the word
  • its dictionary definition
  • the word used in context (put it in a sentence)
  • its origin (where it comes from)
  • synonyms - maybe antonyms if you're feeling clever!
  • its word family - perhaps its root word




Miss Constantine's group


This week, we are going to look at another prefix, auto-. You know by now the importance of understanding meaning - hence the logic behind activity 2 this week!


Spelling Kahoot

Challenge PIN: 02970532

Challenge expires Sunday 14th June.

Mrs Nock and Mrs Castle's group: Click the link below.


Please try to practise your handwriting too.


Extension Activities


Here are some quick activities to refresh your punctuation and grammar skills.


Year 4 SPaG and English

Challenge PIN: 01444677

Challenge expires Sunday 14th June.


SPaG and English Quiz

Challenge PIN: 03660313

Challenge expires Sunday 14th June.