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I hope you are getting time to read lots of books at the moment. Reading was probably my absolute favourite thing to do when I was your age so you’re really lucky to have lots of time to read! There is a quote I’ve added below that I love – it says’ reading gives to someplace to go when you have to stay where you are’ which I think is pretty cool, especially at the moment.

  I have uploaded the final four chapters of ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’ for you to listen to this week, I have really enjoyed reading to you over the last few weeks, it’s usually one of my favourite things to do in class as well! I have a few ideas of books that I could read to you next half term too!  

Picture 1
Picture 2

chapter 24 part 1.mp3

Chapter 24 part 2.mp3

Chapter 25.mp3

Chapter 26.mp3

Chapter 27 part 1.mp3

Chapter 27 part 2.mp3

  Activity 1: This week try to finish the rest of ‘In their shoes: my life as a Roman Slave.’ Remember to click on the bugs as you go to discover the different questions and quizzes that will help you to deepen your understanding of the book.


Activity 2: This week I would like you to write a newspaper report, like the one we wrote about the discovery of Machu Picchu. Remember it needs to have a headline, some quotes and tell the facts of what has happened as well as give your opinion on these facts. I have uploaded a PowerPoint below to remind you about newspapers and an example of a newspaper report. I have also uploaded a sheet to help you lay out your newspaper report if you would like to use it.

  You can choose what to write your newspaper report on but there are some ideas for you below:

  • Caesar’s murder (like in the Shakespeare play we looked at)
  • Caesar’s failed invasion of England.
  • The successful Roman invasion of England.
  • Your time at home during the lockdown.
  • Anything else you would like to write about.

I have found some information about some of these things for you:


Activity 3: This week we are looking at words ending in ‘sion’, notice how they sound like there should be a ‘sh’ in there. It also sounds similar to the ‘tion’ and ‘cian’ ending of words. We have to be careful when we are writing this sound that we use the correct letters.

  You can write these out as a list, write them into a doodle, draw pictures to remind you what they mean, act them out or write them into silly and sensible sentences. Can you write them all in one sentence?

  If you would like to I have also allocated you a spelling game on Activelearn for the –tion, -sion and –cian sounds at the end of words. There is a spelling tic tac toe (American for noughts and crosses) game below which yo can play if you would like.

  There is also a kahoot where you have to choose the correct spelling to complete my sentences, I have added a link below (which should work this time) and the pin is 02856352

Your words to learn this week are:







Picture 1

Extension 1: Have a look at the pictures below, showing how to stretch a sentence. Can you use this method to stretch the sentences below?

  • Miss Tucker drank tea.
  • Julius Caesar marched up the street.
  • Emperor Hadrian built the wall.
  • Blue Class were working.
Picture 1
Picture 2

Extension 2: Have a look at the link below, it is the same one I have set for extension 2 for the last few weeks

  It is a creative writing challenge called ‘The truth about Trolls’. It is quite long so please don’t try to complete it in one week, I will continue to give you this link as an extension for the rest of term 5. Some of your work from this might even be chosen to be shown off on the school website!