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Remember that fact I gave you on World Book Day. Reading is the single biggest indicator of future success. Please try to read at least 20 minutes of your book every day, whether this is to yourself, your parents/guardians, your dog/cat/fish etc. Also, Audible are offering a selection of free audio books to children at the moment, so if you fancy listening to a book, click the link that I have put on our Learning Zone page. We will start reading Anglo Saxon Boy all together after the holidays.


Reading comprehension activity - Please read the four River poems attached below.

Which poem did you prefer and why? How are the poems similar and different? (How they are written, language choices, time, culture)


Complete the Rivers of Rhyme Comprehension Kahoot (Challenge PIN: 0170825). You will have 4 minutes to answer each question so make sure you have read the poems beforehand.


Challenge expires Sunday 29th March. You will need the text with you.



Miss Constantine's spelling group: This week's spellings are listed on the final slide of the PowerPoint below. Please work through the slides, thinking about the spelling rules and the meanings of each word. Your weekly test will be going ahead as usual, however it will be via Kahoot (I know much more fun than normal!) 


Challenge PIN: 0714365

Challenge expires Friday 5th April.

Mrs Nock and Mrs Castle's groups: Click the link below.
Writing, Punctuation and Grammar

Think about the word choices and phrases used in the poems above to describe rivers.

- What adjectives and adjectival phrases would you add to these?

- How would you describe the way a river moves (perhaps the river has caused a lot of erosion and therefore, has many meanders making it bend and wind and swirl and wiggle through the landscape), sounds (perhaps it goes straight from the source in the mountains into a waterfall, crashing and splashing down), appears in different weather?


Use these ideas to write a new river poem of your own.


Challenge: Could you make it a shape poem like June Crebbin's City River? That means the words form the shape of a river!


REMEMBER: A poem does not HAVE to rhyme!