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This week, we are going to finish Anglo-Saxon Boy. There are three final chapters - I hope you enjoy the ending. Does the book end how you expected, or is it a little different?


Activity: I would like you to write a book review for 'Anglo-Saxon Boy'. The purpose of this task is for you to evaluate and analyse a text, but also to be able to provide your own justified opinions (all objectives on the Year 4 curriculum). You can use the template below if you wish, or you could be completely original and create your own. You should think about the following:


  • the basics (name of text, author, genre) Perhaps you could draw the cover?
  • a short summary of the plot *no spoilers*
  • where is the story set? Perhaps you could do your own illustration?
  • who is your favourite character and why? What do they look like? What is their personality like? How do you feel about this character? My personal favourite character is Hakon because despite seeming very tough and aggressive on the outside, he is a very warm, loving and loyal character - the only character to support Magnus unconditionally!
  • what sort of person is this book suitable for and why? (age, interests etc.)
  • who would you recommend the book to and why?
  • how did the book make you feel and why?
  • how many stars would you rate the book and why?


Please be honest in your reviews and it will support me when teaching the text in the future.

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

Chapter 21 - The FINAL Chapter!




Your writing task for this week is to write a biography about a character of your choice. Not to be confused with an autobiography, a biography is an account of someone's life (or life story) written by someone else (YOU!)


As you know, many of the characters in the text are REAL, HISTORICAL figures and therefore, there is lots of information online about these individuals. You should choose an individual from the text to write about. Use a combination of both your own knowledge obtained through reading Anglo-Saxon Boy and also online research to construct your piece. Please take the time to look through the documents below as examples of what a biography might look like. Remember to do your research and plan your writing first - do not try to write from scratch without any preparation.


NOTE TO PARENTS: This task should be completed over more than one day. Usually in class, this would be built up to over the course of a week.



Miss Constantine's group


We are returning to prefixes for this week's spellings, and they are beginning to get a little trickier! It is really important that you think about what the prefix means, and the definition of each word. You need to know the meaning before you can use it! 


'Spelling Kahoot'

Challenge PIN: 04994966

Challenge expires Sunday 31st May.

Mrs Nock and Mrs Castle's groups: Click the link below.


If you can, please use the handwriting sheet below to practise your handwriting.


Extension Activity


Continue with the creative writing challenge set at the beginning of term.


Or why not enter the super cool writing competition below?