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  Remember the best thing you can be doing to help your learning at the moment is to be reading, whether this is the reading the books and information I’ve set you, the ones you have from school or ones you have at home.

  I’ve uploaded the next five chapters of Tom’s Midnight Garden for you to listen to is you would like to. We will finish the book next week!

Chapter 19 (

chapter 20.mp3

Chapter 21 part 1.mp3

Chapter 21 part 2.mp3

Chapter 22 part 1.mp3

Chapter 22 part 2.mp3

Chapter 23.mp3


  Activity 1: This week I have allocated you a book on bug club (part of activelearn). This book is all about the life of a Roman Slave in Roman Britain. It is quite long so this week I would like you to read up to ‘Blissful bath time’, and I will set you the next part of the book next week. There are pictures of bugs as you go through the pages, click on them to find some questions and fun activities to do.


Activity 2:

  This week we are going to look at prepositions  this means we get to listen to one of my favourite songs! The preposition song by the Bazillions! The video is below for you to watch! Remember the prepositions are ‘on a mission to tell you the position.’

  Prepositions are the words that tell you where or when something is:

Now, Miss Tucker is sitting on the sofa, next to the tea in the mug.


Your challenge for this week is to describe the Roman Villas that you learned about in our topic learning, using as many prepositions as you can. See if you can use all the words in the list below. You could do what I have done and write your prepositions in different colours to the rest of your writing!

"Preposition" by The Bazillions

Up, down, all around -- learn your prepositions as you sing along with The Bazillions' hit song! Find out more at Preposition by...

Picture 1


Activity 3: This week we are looking at words ending in ‘ture’, notice how they sound like they could end in ‘cher’, we have to be careful when we are writing this sound that we use the correct letters.

  You can write these out as a list, write them into a doodle, draw pictures to remind you what they mean, act them out or write them into silly and sensible sentences. Can you write them all in one sentence? If you have dice you could play the game below, or just use these fun ideas if you don’t have any dice!

  If you would like to play it again, I have also re -allocated you the spelling game I gave you on Activelearn last week as it also includes words with the ‘ture’ spelling.

  There is also a kahoot where you have to choose the correct spelling to complete my sentences, I have added a link below (which should work this time) and the pin is 06163999.

Your words to learn this week are:






Picture 1

Extension 1: Have a look at this BBC Bitesize lesson, all about speech marks and see if you can remember how to use speech marks!

Extension 2: Have a look at the link below, it is the same one I set for extension 2 last week.

  It is a creative writing challenge called ‘The truth about Trolls’. It is quite long so please don’t try to complete it in one week, I will continue to give you this link as an extension for the rest of term 5. Some of your work from this might even be chosen to be shown off on the school website!