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There is no Reading Comprehension this week. Instead, please continue to read your own books at home and see if you can answer these questions:



This week, you have a Dictation text which includes lots of common exception words like: people, many and beautiful. 

Your task:

Over 3 sessions, get a grown-up to slowly read out (dictate) the sentences to you. Your task is to listen carefully and write exactly what your grown-up says. 


Can you identify any errors in your written dictation?  Can you check against the original text?  What about punctuation - did you remember CL and FS? Which were the trickiest words for you to spell?  


(This week, I have taken this learning activity from:

This week, your task is to write a create your own magical plant!

Imagine you could create a magical plant. What would it be?

Try to consider the following things:

  • what would be magical about your plant?
  • would something magical grow on it?
  • what does your magical plant look like?
  • does the magical plant have a name?

Write some sentences about your magical creation. Remember to include lots of describing words as well as including joining words like, ' and ', ' but ', ' because ', ' if ', and ' when ' Also, try and use words like 'the best', 'the fastest', 'the most beautiful', 'the weirdest'.

Here is an example: My magical plant is called Chocolato because it grows delicious chocolate bars instead of leaves. When you break a chocolate off it, another one grows straight away. Chocolato is the most unusual plant ever. If you are really good, beautiful chocolate flowers might grow. But you have to be careful or you might get tummy-ache if you eat too much!


Choose four people that you know - these could be friends or family - and list all the things that each person really loves. Then think of a magical plant for each person. For example, if one of your friends really loves football, you could have a tree that is covered in lots of footballs. Draw each magic plant - making sure you include notes to describe features of the tree. 



This week, please read through your dictation text and identify any missing punctuation, such as CL, FS and exclamation marks.  Can you read your text out loud and pause at the end of sentences? 


There are some activity sheets below called Popping Punctuation for you to complete as an extension to this learning.



This week, you have no new Spellings. Recently, the Spellings have been quite tricky so I would like your grown-ups to challenge you to spell 8 words from the past few weeks. You could also learn any spellings from the Dictation which you found tricky.



This week, you could practice writing some of the common exception words using our cursive font.  There is a pdf below.


Letters and Sounds

Phase 6

Can you recap your learning about adding the suffixes _ed and _ing?  Visit for some fun interactive activities. 

New learning:

Can you learn how to use the suffix _ly?  We have looked at this before, but, like lots of things, we always need to revisit our old learning!


Phase 5

Please visit Phonics Play to remind yourself of the Phase 5 alternative phonemes.

Popping Punctuation

Handwriting Sheets