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  This week we are going to learn about Boudicca, the Iceni queen who rebelled against the Romans after they invaded and took over England.

  I have uploaded another five chapters of Tom’s Midnight garden for you to have a listen to this week, if you would like to continue with our class story. 

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17 part 1

Chapter 17 part 2

Chapter 18


  Activity 1: Have a look at the attached sheets, they are all about Boudicca. There are three levels of challenges – 1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars, pick which one you would like to do. The answers are attached as well


Activity 2:

  Have a look at this week’s topic lesson to learn about Queen Boudicca.

  This week your writing challenge is to write a diary entry about Boudicca’s rebellion. You can choose who you want to be: Boudicca, a Roman Soldier, a Roman Citizen, a member of the Iceni tribe or anyone else you can think of being.

  You can also choose when you are writing: The rebellion has just begun, the rebellion is still going on or the rebellion has ended.

  Try to include main and subordinate clauses and the present perfect tense.


Activity 3: This week we are looking at words that end with ‘sure’. Notice how the ‘sure’ at the end of these words doesn’t sound like the word sure.

  You can write these out as a list, write them into a doodle like in the picture below, draw pictures to remind you what they mean, act them out or write them into silly and sensible sentences. Can you write them all in one sentence?

  I have also allocated you a game on Activelearn with the ‘sure’ spellings if you want to have a go.

  There is also a kahoot where you have to choose the correct spelling to complete my sentences, I have added a link below (which should work this time) and the pin is 02848141.






Picture 1

Extension 1: I have attached some pictures of Boudicca, the Romans and the Celts (the people who lived in Britain before the Romans came). How many adjectives, similes and metaphors can you think of to describe them? Can you turn these into a poem?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Extension 2: Have a look at the link below, there is a creative writing challenge called ‘The truth about Trolls’. It is quite long so please don’t try to complete it in one week, I will continue to give you this link as an extension for the rest of term 5. Some of your work from this might even be chosen to be shown off on the school website!