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This week, I would like you to read or listen to Chapter 4 of The Wind in the Willows. We are introduced to the character of Mr Badger, and given a detailed description of his home. Whilst listening to the story, try to complete the map of Mr Badger's house, giving as much information as possible about each room.

Map of Mr Badger's Home

Using description to infer setting.

Below, you will find an extract from Chapter 4 giving descriptive detail about the home of Mr Badger. Read this extract. Then, using a dictionary or thesaurus, try to find a synonym for the following words:

  • gloomy
  • shabby
  • stout
  • ample
  • spotless
  • contentment
Picture 1

Now try to answer the following questions based on this text:


  1. How does the kitchen contrast to the passageways?
  2. What clues are there in the text that suggest Badger might enjoy cooking and entertaining?
  3. Find the extract in the text that shows that Ratty and Mole were expecting to enjoy their evening with Badger.
  4. Find an example of personification in the text.
  5. This passage describes two parts of Badger's home: the cold, dirty, shabby passageways, and the welcoming and comfortable kitchen. What do you think his bedroom would be like? Can you write a short, passage to describe it?


(You can find the answers to these questions at the bottom of this page)


Do you remember when we learnt about the ACTIVE and PASSIVE voice last term? I would like you to revise your understanding of this grammar point by working your way through the powerpoint and completing the quiz at the end. I have also added an exercise for you to test your understanding. 


Our spelling focus this week investigates words that can be nouns as well as verbs.

Can you write two sentences for each word showing the use of both noun and verb.

  • challenge
  • protest
  • broadcast
  • benefit
  • charge
  • function
  • influence
  • interest
  • object
  • damage

Write Words are in Red.

Extension 1

Improve your vocabulary with this fun puzzle, which is based on an article in this week's First News. Read pages 7 and 9 before completing the puzzle.

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Extension 2

After reading the latest First News, complete this fun quiz to check your understanding. The answers are included!

Mr Badger comprehension answers.

Answers to Love Your Heart comprehension (all other answers to this term's comprehensions to follow on Monday)