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Reading and Writing

This week, I would like you to complete a piece of extended writing to include your learning from this term. Thinking about chapter two from The Wind in the Willows, I would like you to write a chapter to follow on from this. Toad had just purchased a brand new motor car so maybe he will invite his friends to go for a ride. Of course, knowing Toad, it is likely to end in disaster!

Challenge yourself to include the following in your story:

  • An opening to set the scene: The Riverbank. Maybe you could use an example of personification to describe the river setting.
  • Use a balance of action, speech and description to bring your characters alive.
  • Use inverted commas for speech. Don't speaker = new line.
  • Could you introduce a relative clause or two?
  • Try to use different ways to start sentences. Eg. Adverbial phrases
  • Build up to the disaster. Use simple sentences to create tension.
  • Think of an appropriate ending.


Before you begin to plan your story, read the following example of an adventure that goes horribly wrong. Think about how the story is structured and the language that is used to tell the tale. Can you identify a range of devices and language in this text?


An Adventure with Toad!

Now try to write your own adventure story. You could use the example to give you ideas about how to structure your story. This poster may also help you:
If you wish to revise the use of relative clauses, watch the BBC clip below and complete the tasks. Your writing will be more interesting if you can use relative clauses!
If you would like to revise use of personification before writing your opening, check this BBC clip.


This week we are concentrating on writing a summary of a text and also trying to use context to understand the meaning of a word. Please read the instructions carefully as you have some options and are not expected to do everything!


This week we will look at more spellings that belong to the same family of words. Knowing that a word follows a particular pattern can make them easier to spell!

  • programme
  • telegram
  • hologram
  • diagram
  • grammar
  • grammatical
  • parallelogram
  • monogram
  • programmer
  • program

Write words are in red smiley


Here are some tasks to help you to learn these spellings.


Once you have written your story, don't forget to send it to me! Then, relax and read or listen to the next chapter of The Wind in the Willows: The Wild Wood.