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*PE Challenge*


Next week, Ethelbert Road will be taking on Boughton School in a virtual sports contest. You will be asked to compete in 8 activities and will receive points for each of them. So, this week, I would like you to practice them at home so we are all up for the challenge! This challenge will include teachers too!


The Challenges

Speed bounce: for 30 seconds 

Skipping: for 30 seconds

Football dribbling: for 30 seconds (set up five cones, or something else - each cone should be 1 metre apart).

Tennis keepie uppies: for 30 seconds

Sprints (10 metres): for 30 seconds 

Standing long jump: scores for 3 attempts

Chest throw: scores from 3 attempts (How far can you throw a football sized ball from a chest pass?)

Aim and throw: put 5 cones, or something else in a row for 5 metres in front of you. Each time you hit one, you remove it. How many can you knock down in 5 attempts?


Get Practising! Next week, you will receive sheets to record your scores and explain the point system!​

Good morning Red Class,

       First, I would like to congratulate you all on your efforts on TTRockstars last week. We came 4th out of 11 classes across Ethelbert and Ospringe. Special congratulations to Lacie, Dora, Adam, Toby, Finn, Dylan and Reggie who were placed in the top 50 of all children across both schools.

       We are getting nearer and nearer to the summer holidays now. With only 2 and a half weeks to go, we are starting to wind down slightly in school now and mix our learning up with other fun activities too, such as making bracelets, designing paper aeroplanes and watching some Attenborough documentaries. This week, I have set a little less work than I have been. This is going to be our last week of Romeo and Juliet.

       Please still do keep in touch to let me know about everything that you have been up to and I will speak to more of you this week hopefully.

       I hope you have a wonderful week!

       Lots of love and big hugs, Miss Constantine xx