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Archive Home Learning 13/7/20

Good morning!

We have really enjoyed our telephone conversations with all of you and we only have a couple of you left to catch. It was so lovely to hear all of your voices and hear how you all are! Please continue to send in your photos and videos via email. We LOVE receiving them and seeing how you are all getting on. 


This week our focus story is Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson. If you do not have this lovely book at home please do not worry, we have attached a video clip below for you to watch. Once you have watched the video have a try at the lovely activities this week. We also have a virtual sports competition this week against Boughton school so please feel free to have a go! Information regarding this is above all of the class pages.

Have a great week

Love Mrs Stembridge, Miss Nutt and Miss Silcox xxx

Sharing a Shell

Reading and Writing

This week we are going to write our own story about a hermit crab. You can think of a name for your crab and write about it's adventure under the sea. What kind of shell does it find to live in? Does it have any friends? You can draw some pictures to go with your writing and don't forget to create a lovely front cover. Remember to be as creative as possible! See if you can use your joined up writing as well as finger spaces between words. 

Letters and Sounds

This week we are learning to read the sound er. Watch these videos and then have a go at the activities below.

Lesson 15 - Reception

Write Dance

This week we are learning to form the letter z.

How to write the letter 'z' | Improve Your Handwriting


In Maths this week we are learning all about divisionDivision is sharing things out so this ties in nicely with our focus story this week! Try and share things out fairly in your family at home. For example if you have some raisins try and share them between two family members making sure that each person gets the same amount so that it is fair! Lots of practical activities will help your child understand division. I collected 4 teddies and 8 bananas and I shared the bananas out equally between the teddies. 

Numberjacks | Fair Shares | S1E32


-Play I am thinking of a sea creature

-Look on the internet or in non fiction books to find out facts about hermit crabs.I have uploaded a clip by David Attenborough which is an interesting watch and the children will love watching real hermit crabs!

-Make a paper plate crab -see picture below.

-Investigate real shells and draw them. Can you hear the sea if you put it next to your ear?

-Paint real shells to make your own shell garden 

Crabs Trade Shells in the Strangest Way | BBC Earth





This week I have a fun song for you called rock, scissors, paper - "Piedra, Tijera, Papel"


uno, dos, tres... 1, 2, 3


Can you listen out for your key word for this week - crab - un cangrejo. Can you make a crab shape with your hands too?


Una mariposa - butterfly

Un caracol - snail

Un cangrejo - crab


Un león - lion



Piedra Tijera Papel | Canciones Infantiles | Super Simple Español