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5/10/20 It`s OK to be different

This week is our first week of full time. Our timings are 9.05am-2.50pm but if you have siblings you can drop off and collect your child at the same time as the eldest sibling in the school. 


This week we will be looking at our faces closely in mirrors and painting self portraits for a class display. We will be referring back to last week`s book It`s ok to be different and embracing the fact that we all look different.


After reading Titch and I want to be bigger we will be comparing sizes and using chalks to draw around each other on the playground. We will discuss things that are tall and things that are short and use the terms tallest and shortest to make comparisons. We will go on a hunt outside to find things taller and shorter than ourselves.


We will use art materials to make skeleton pictures linked to the story Funnybones


In Maths we will be working on counting accurately by moving objects to check for accuracy.





Titch, I want to be bigger and Funnybones are our focus stories of the week.