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28/9/20 Ourselves


This week your child will be staying for lunch and finishing at 1.15pm. It will be week 2 on the menu. When your child comes into school on Monday we will ask them to find their name and put it on a red tray (if they would like the meat option) or on the green tray(if they would like the vegetarian option) or on a lunchbox picture (if they are having a packed lunch)


The red dinner on Monday is bacon topped mac N cheese and the green option is tomato and basil pasta. We write the dinner options on our class board each day so as you come into school you can discuss with your child if they would like the red or green option.


We help the children do this every morning so please do not worry if your child can not recognise their own name yet, or if you haven`t told them the dinner options. You do not need to tell us which meal they are having, as we encourage the children to tell us when they come into class each day. We also know that some children in the class are vegetarian, so even if they try to pick the meat option we know that they can only have the vegetarian option.


This week`s learning

This week we will continue to learn the rules and routines of our class. We will learn to tidy up specific areas of the classroom so that we can all take care of our environment. We will play games, take turns and share fairly.

We will be starting Phonics this week which we call Letters and Sounds. We will be learning the alphabet song (a is for apple) listed under the Curriculum and Learning Zone tab. We will then be splitting into three groups to play phonic games and practicing our listening skills. 



It`s ok to be different by Todd Parr is our focus story for this week